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At Concrete Plus Technologies, we specialize in providing high-quality concrete services for homes and businesses. Concrete driveways are an attractive solution to a practical problem. You need a safe space to store your vehicles, but you also want a driveway that will enhance the look and value of your property.

A high-performance concrete driveway gives you a sturdy place to park your car, truck, or boat. At the same time, our professional construction techniques can give you a custom look that works with your landscaping style. A properly installed concrete driveway requires minimal care, but it offers years of service.

Concrete Driveways Done Right

To enjoy the benefits of a concrete driveway, you need a professional partner who can get the job done right. Concrete driveway replacement and repair are major undertakings that require several steps. Thankfully, the team at Concrete Plus Technologies can handle every part of the process.

Driveway Replacements

When you contact Concrete+ Technologies, we will come to your location and work with you to design a driveway that meets your needs. Because this is a construction project, it is necessary to acquire building permits before we start. We know the system and have worked with building departments throughout the Atlanta area.

Once the paperwork is in order, it is time to begin construction. For a replacement project, we will carefully break up and remove any older material. From there, our experienced crew will form and reinforce the area. Once we pour out and smooth the concrete, we can also apply a variety of finishes for a unique look and extra traction.

Driveway Repairs

A well-installed concrete driveway will last for years, but time will eventually take its toll. The ground shifting beneath an older driveway can cause cracks, dips and sinkholes. Buried tree roots can also exert pressure upward that can cause buckling.

If the driveway on your property needs some help, we are ready to assist you with complete concrete driveway repair services. Once we assess the extent of the problem, we will develop lasting solutions. While we are there, our team can also improve the look of your current driveway with finishes and moldings that will give you greater curb appeal.

Why Choose Concrete Plus Technologies for Your Concrete Driveway?

stamped concrete driveway

When you are looking for help with your concrete driveway in Atlanta, GA, Concrete Plus Technologies is the team to call. Our CEO, David Morales, has been working with concrete for over thirty years, and he has assembled a crew with the knowledge of the latest techniques and materials. We are proud members of the American Society of Concrete Contractors and the American Concrete Institute. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you are partnering with experts.

Our team is also trusted by other local contractors. Over the years, we have developed relationships with building companies and other construction experts. If there are special needs for your project like brickwork or stonework, we have a long list of professionals in the greater Atlanta area that we can depend on.

Need A Concrete Driveway?

If you have a concrete driveway project in the Atlanta area, Concrete Plus Technologies is ready to help.

Concrete Driveway FAQs

A concrete driveway is a strong surface that increases the value of your home. Although it may have a higher installation cost than an asphalt surface, its strength and longevity make it a better value over time.

People realize the difference between concrete and asphalt driveways when the hot Georgia sun beats down in the summer. Black asphalt tends to absorb heat. When it gets hot enough, it can soften so that heavy vehicles will leave indentations in the driveway. Homeowners may discover tracks of black residue from the tar in the asphalt in their homes.

A concrete surface reflects heat away. It gives homeowners a reliable parking area throughout the year. Also, the reinforcing that happens below the concrete surface allows homeowners to park heavier vehicles without worry. This strong construction means that a concrete driveway will last significantly longer than an asphalt surface.

Homeowners and businesses have several options when it comes to the surface of their driveway. A perfectly smooth concrete surface can be slippery when there is ice or heavy rain. For outdoor surfaces, a simple brushed finish can add some extra traction. If you are looking for a unique style, our team can work with you to mold the surface to mimic stone, brick or other patterns.

Concrete Plus Technologies has the knowledge and skills to repair an aging concrete driveway. Whether it’s a small crack or a large sinkhole, we will assess the damage and help you find the right solution.

Why Clients Love Working With Us

Concrete Plus Technologies is a wonderful company. They stand true to their word. Work was done promptly and efficiently. They're very professional and sometimes that's hard to find in the concrete world. I’m glad I chose them and will continue to do so!
Kathy M.
By FAR the best concrete company in Atlanta! We recently used Concrete Plus Technologies for our garage floor and were very pleased with the finished product. They are quite professional, work fast, and overall delivered quality work. Highly recommended!
Celia M.


If you have a concrete driveway project in the Atlanta area, Concrete Plus Technologies is ready to help. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation

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